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Heart of Law Enforcement Awards

Eligibility Criteria

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What is an Extraordinary Act of Kindness?

Extraordinary acts of kindness extend beyond an officer's oath or the duty that is required in his or her day-to-day responsibilities.  They are those extra things officers do because it feels right.  Extraordinary acts of kindness are compassionate and go above and beyond anything expected.

Submitting Nominations

Nominations must be received by January 31st for acts of kindness performed in the previous calendar year. 


Nominations may be submitted:


Thanks for submitting!

  • Nominees must be employed in the state of Louisiana as law enforcement officers when the act of kindness occurred.

  • Nominees must have performed acts of kindness that were not required of them in their regular duties or are expected of them as law enforcement officers.

  • Acts of kindness may be performed while on or off duty whether in uniform or not.

  • Only individuals may be nominated.  However, where appropriate, multiple individuals involved in the same act  of kindness may also be nominated.

  • Acts of kindness may not be funded by a department or an agency.

  • Acts of kindness should be extraordinary - above and beyond what a generally expected response would be.

  • Any POST certified officer may be nominated.

  • An officer may be nominated by a member of the general public, a colleague, supervisor or agency.

Red Chairs

Selection Process

Nominations for the previous year are accepted through January 31st annually.  The Executive Committee evaluates all nominations against the eligibility criteria.  The most extraordinary and/or impactful acts of kindness are selected each year.  Nominees are then vetted through their agencies.  Nominees who are selected to be honored will be notified in February.  Each year, the names of honorees are embargoed until the honorees are presented during the annual awards ceremony.


The number of honorees selected each year is completely dependent on the funds donated to the program each year.  BTB has been fortunate enough to recognize at least 10 acts of kindness each year since the program's inception in 2016.

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